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Rafael Bujanda - Rafa is a multimedia artist and a dear friend living in Madrid, Spain. His 2009 work, Laberinto is featured in several of the photographs used on this site with permission of the artist, and is composed of over a kilometer of wooden panels, each forming an independent canvas, and meticulously aligned in a labyrinth which viewers wander through to experience the work as a whole. For information about gallery shows, commissions or Bujanda's other work, you can contact Rafa directly at bujanda.rafael@gmail.com or (34) 653.278.128.

Cynthia Wang - Cynthia is a graphic design professional and photographer living in Williamsburg Brooklyn with occasional escapes and escapades in the San Francisco bay area. Her brilliant design work is evident in every detail of this site, and her photograph Moonlit Bridge is featured on the homepage of this site, with permission of the artist. For information about gallery shows, commissions or Cynthia's other work, visit her website at  cynthiawang.com.


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